we are experienced professionals that use a consultative approach to turn your dreams into an unforgettable experience. Using our strengths in event management, design, and styling, our team takes your vision and turns it into a well-executed and custom event.


Elite Nation is passionate about youth sports. As a resulted, its primary goal is to offer a stage for youth to participate in sports against other peers with similar ability levels in a highly competitive environment. With a stage as such, it fosters more exposure for the student-athletes. It also brings excitement and joy to the student athletes and their families. These events also show the participants that are involved that we all care and support their goals and dreams……..


Sesame Flyers Atlanta understands that part of loving children means presenting them with opportunities to acquire the knowledge, skills, technology and equipment that will prepare them for the challenges yet to come. Sesame Atlanta’s goal of youth empowerment is achieved and maintained through activities designed to address the needs of our children, their families and the community.