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WEB DESIGN:    Your website is your gateway to hundred of millions of potential customers, and businesses with a strong website will stand out. However, website design is more challenging than ever before, and an experienced team is needed to bring your vision online. During our initial 30 minute freeconsultation, We will work with you to help define your company's needs. SOUND DESIGN:    One of the major differences between an amateur and a professional media is the quality of audio, so we pay extra attention to audio equipment, external recording devices and mixers. Most people are not attuned to notice good quality audio nor should they, but everybody can recognize when they hear bad audio. We are specially trained to hear the things that our clients may not. PHOTOGRAPHY:   Content is obviously essential, but…it is the images you select that assist in balancing text, making it more readable. Great images possess a purpose, drawing in the casual internet surfer. If anything, a compelling image persuades the surfer to be interested, and stay interested, in your product. And despite the fact that textual content is essential, a website without images will not attract much...