With the full coverage video of their wedding or event, the client receives a cherished keepsake that captures the emotions, joy, and special moments of their big day. They can relive the entire event from multiple angles, ensuring no detail is missed. The video allows them to share the experience with loved ones who couldn’t attend, creating lasting memories for all. It serves as a valuable tool for nostalgia and storytelling, enabling them to revisit the day’s highlights and relish in the beauty of their celebration. The client gains the ability to preserve and share their wedding or event with future generations, ensuring that the memories and significance are passed down. Additionally, the video provides an opportunity for post-event reflection, allowing the client to see the event from a different perspective and appreciate the nuances that may have gone unnoticed. Overall, the full coverage video offers a timeless memento that encapsulates the essence and magic of the wedding or event, providing a tangible way to relive the experience and celebrate it for years to come.



    For this particular package it is the videorapher’s goal to capture as much footage as possible between the wedding and the reception (Reception time varies based on start time.)


    Video may be taken at any of the allowed accessible areas on the premisses at which the main event is taking place.


    This is in the event that the client would like the videographer to stay later than the originally agreed upon time.


    This is based on locations that are not included in the original scope of the two locations provided in this package.


    This is a fun interview session that happens during a scheduled appointment well before the actual wedding day. The bride & groom to be are interviewed on video separately to reminisce about one another. Fun questions will be asked as well as the opportunity to express heartfelt emotions and sentiments towards each other and family members. This will be a 1 to 2 hour session. This video footage is kept away from each and added to the final edited wedding video production. This fun keepsake is precious and pleasantly surprising to every marrying couple. This add-on can be applied to both Full Coverage Production and Highlight Video. Choosing this add-on can also serve as a minimum deposit to lock the wedding day videography. This is not a stand-alone item.